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Comics and essays from ZEAL, Rookie Mag, and Offworld. 94 pages, black & white.

“I feel like I found the diary of a girl I wish I could have been friends with in high school. Annie Mok’s work is honest and literary, a raw collage of thoughts and experiences that organically feel like a larger whole where nothing and no-one is forgotten.”—LEIGH ALEXANDER, games critic

“Annie’s work makes me blush, sigh, and hold my breath. Stories and art so dream-like they can’t help but feel vividly real.”— EMILY CARROLL, author of Through the Woods and artist on The Yawhg and Gone Home

“Reading Annie’s work makes me want to boot up an emulator or get lost in a library on a rainy day. Her tantalizing web of quotations and smudgy, pulsing lines feel like threads that you could tug on to unravel the world.” —JONI KITTAKA, co-creator of Anodyne and Even the Ocean